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Episode 74: Kanda Naal Mudhal – With Director V. Priya & Regina Cassandra

We are super excited to present this episode on one of the most enduring and memorable romantic comedies of Tamil cinema. 15 years ago, a then little film called Kanda Naal Mudhal released and surprised everyone in the best way possible. Directed by debutante V. Priya, produced by Prakash Raj and starring Prasanna, Laila, Lakshmi, Revathy, Karthik Kumar, Regina Cassandra (also making her debut), the film had a great team of technicians as well – Thotta Tharani, Sreekar Prasad, PC Sreeram and one of the best music and background score Yuvan Shankar Raja. The film is still considered to be everyone’s favorite romcoms and, as we found out, has aged beautifully.

Deepauk and Aditya speak to the two debutantes from the film – director V. Priya and actress Regina Cassandra as they take a trip down memory lane to talk about the making of the film, how the team came about, the scripting and production changes, what the actors added to the film and the post release word of mouth that helped the film a great deal and continues to entertain 15 years later. Along the way, we get one great anecdote after another. Listen on.

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  1. Mollin lsaac. Mollin lsaac.

    J.This is Mollin Mam.So thrilled to hear your sweet and charming voice and talk.Happy to you have scaled to great heights.Though more than 35years have fleeted by grace and charm lingers fresh in my mind.God has fulfilled my wishes to day. May the Lord bless all your endeavours.

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