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Episode 83: Balu Mahendra’s Sathi Leelavathi

While the anniversaries – 10th, 25th or 30th – of many films were celebrated this year, one title probably got ignored by a large section of the media. Balu Mahendra’s Sathi Leelavathi released 25 years ago. It had Kalpana, Ramesh Arvind and Heera Rajagopal in the lead with cameos – more like star attractions – from Kamal Haasan and Kovai Sarala.

We thought of revisiting this very funny film that deals with a serious issue and reevaluate what works and what doesn’t. Max and Anantha are joined by Suman Kumar and Jestme. Jestme is a returning guest of our podcast. Suman wears multiple hats. He is a novelist, stand up comedian and screen writer. He co-writes the Amazon Prime web series The Family Man.

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