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Episode 88: Shiva (1989)

Long before JD and Bhavani of Lokesh Kanagaraj’s Master, there were Shiva and Bhavani (and a JD on the sidelines) in a college setting in Ram Gopal Varma’s directorial debut Shiva. Combining student politics along with a ruthless gangster played memorably by Raghuvaran, Shiva set new standards for filmmaking and South Indian mass cinema. It was the arrival of Ram Gopal Varma as a reckoning and cult sequences featuring Nagarjuna, paired with Amala.

Max is joined by writer (The Family Man), author, stand up comedian Suman Kumar and Atlasdanced to talk about the various aspects of Shiva that hit home – the Steadicam, the Telangana dialect, a more realistic portrayal of college and the incredible sound design. And of course, Amala.

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