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Episode 93: Director Series – Balaji Tharaneetharan’s Oru Pakka Kathai

In this second episode of the Balaji Tharaneetharan series we discuss the recent direct to OTT release Oru Pakka Kathai. Aditya & Anantha are joined by special guests Equanimus & Milified to discuss:

– The fantastical nature of the topic and how it presents its social commentary

– What is the film trying to say about science, religion, and how both interact?

– What is the portrait it draws of the children in the film?

– Is the film pro-life? How do Balaji’s films portray women?

– Female centric films in the male gaze

– Ranking the 3 films Balaji has made thus far

A huge thanks to our guests for joining us in this engaging discussion!

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