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Episode 96: Director Series – Mysskin’s Yuddham Sei

At The Other Banana Podcast, we begin another series on Director Mysskin. Unlike the earlier director series we’ll be delving into a handful of what we consider important or landmark films of the director, not all of them.

The series starts with Mysskin’s 2011 thriller Yuddham Sei starring Cheran, Dipa Shah, Jayaprakash, YG Mahendran, Lakshmy Ramakrishnan et al. It has music and score by K, who had joined us in our podcast for one of his films, Annayum Rasoolum. A lot of ideas Mysskin’s films would grapple with found a winning combination here and therefore the decision to start with Yuddham Sei.

Joining Aditya and Ashoka is independent journalist Ashameera Aiyappan. If you follow Tamil cinema closely enough, you couldn’t have missed her reviews and interviews. She was previously with Cinema Express where she continues as a columnist.

Listen on.

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